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Free Poker Games

Free poker games are easiest to find online. This makes sense, since there are plenty of web sites that can attract visitors with free games. In most home games guys will want to put in a little bit, even if it’s pennies and pocket change, just to have some measurement of what they’re playing for.

Likewise, you’re not likely to find any free games at a casino. Why should they? Casinos are there to make money, and they don’t make any money off of any game that doesn’t charge. In that way, the explosion of free poker games is directly tied to the huge boom of Internet users from the last twenty years. The ability to bring together thousands and thousands of players all over the world into some online rooms has made this possible.

For those people who do not want to download software, like most online poker rooms and web sites require, then there are other options. For example, the online games section of Yahoo! has free online poker, as do several other web sites. There is no option at all to play for money on any of these sites at all. This makes these places some of the best places to find free poker games to play, and there are always partially open tables and players in a game.

There are always also the free roll games and free money (sometimes called play money) games on the online poker web sites. These are also great places to find free poker games. The best thing about free roll games is not only the complete lack of any buy in, but in the chance that you get lucky and manage to finish in the top few slots, you’ll actually get some money as a reward! Often times in a free roll of one thousand players, the top twenty place and are rewarded financially. Not bad for a free game, isn’t it?