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Free Online Poker

Despite the change in online gambling laws over the past year, there are still many web sites that allow for American players, and each of these sites offer free online poker, as well, for people who like to play, but don’t want to gamble. Different web sites have different personalities. Some web sites tend to have more conservative players, while others have looser players. Knowing your style can help you find the right tables to play.

There are many web sites that still accept American poker players, and offer play money as well as real money. The play money is great for players who want to play free online poker, and there are also free roll tournaments for players who want a little better competition than what they’re going to find in play money games. While there will still be a lot of loose players who just don’t care, there’s still more solid playing than you’re going to get in a play money game. Both of these types of games don’t cost anything, so it’s all about choice. If you don’t really care and just want to see if your luck is good, the play money games are great, if you can deal with the occasional poker squatters.

Two of the most popular sites no longer take poker players, so you can’t find any free online poker games at Pacific Poker or Party Poker unless you live outside of the United States. Most of the other popular sites still accept American players, and out of literally dozens and dozens of online poker sites, almost all of them will have free roll games and play money games. This makes sure that anyone who wants to play free online poker will have plenty of options to choose from.