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Cactus Petes Jackpot Nevada

Cactus Petes Jackpot Nevada. That is one of the most interesting casinos you can visit in the United States, and it has a great history to it. Jackpot, Nevada, is a small town of 1,500 citizens in Elko County. Jackpot is less than a mile from the Idaho border, and that's no coincidence. While the entire town of Jackpot is built around Cactus Pete's casino, originally the founder, “Cactus Pete” Piersanti lived and ran his slot machine set up in Idaho, but when the state legislature outlawed slot machines, instead of quitting he moved less than a mile across the border to Nevada, and Jackpot was born.

If you visit Cactus Petes Jackpot Nevada, one of the things that will probably surprise you is how they manage to mix the kindness, politeness, and good spirits often found in small towns mixes with the surprising eloquence and quality beauty and services you would expect out of a larger Las Vegas casino. The buffet and hotel are both known for their quality, and the service is top notch, not to mention prices are more than reasonable.

Cactus Petes Jackpot Nevada, manages such an unusual balance because the town more or less exists because of this casino. They are no longer the only casino in town, though they still employ more workers than anyone else. The addition of five or six other casinos over the past fifty years make such a small town a popular stop destination for many travelers and gamblers alike. It's hard to beat the combination of good gaming, good hotels, great food, and fantastic hospitality. Cactus Petes Jackpot Nevada is a destination and favorite address of many people, from tourists to gamblers to travelers, this town is certainly one of a kind.